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With his unique flair, and Top-Ten Zagat and Gayat recognition for multiple restaurants, Chef David Coleman is widely hailed as having put Long Beach, California on the culinary map.  His inventive, farm-to-table take on upscale Italian cuisine put Michaels Restaurant Group at the top of the city’s food chain, inspired countless chefs to new heights of their craft, and sparked the opening of other top quality restaurants in the area.

Now, Coleman brings his award winning and critically acclaimed talents to Los Angeles and Orange County once again… and he certainly has the vehicle to do it. Coleman will be on the road, putting his signature on seasonal, sustainable menus that explore the diverse traditions and cultures that weave together to make up the fabric of America’s ever changing identity through food, and paying homage to the hand-held, “to-go” street food of SoCal.



Classically trained at the California Culinary Academy, Coleman paid his dues and shaped his philosophy and artistic approach to food in San Francisco, New York and Orange County.

He served under some renowned chefs, including Chef Chris Santos at the award winning locations, Suba and Mojo, as well as Chef Daniel Humm at the acclaimed Campton Place Hotel – awarded 4 stars by the San Francisco Chronicle during Coleman’s employment.

As executive chef for Michaels Restaurant Group, each of the 6 locations received critical acclaim, including Zagat naming the flagship location, Michael’s on Naples, top Italian restaurant in Southern California in 2013, and proclaiming the group’s Napoli-style pizza the best in the country that same year.

Coleman brings honesty, humility and integrity to his cooking – always creating, always learning.  The Breakers Roadshow is the ideal vehicle for Coleman to reach new audiences, and the chef wants his customers to be part of the journey.